Step Three Part One Acceptance And Willingness

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Hi Everyone! 

Today I am sharing on the first part of step three.  

I will preface this with the fact I do not pretend to have all the answers. I can only share my experience, which may seem limited in the scheme of things.  

Let’s bring the steps up to speed in my journey. 

Step One, I had to admit there was a problem at the crux of that the problem is me. Everything else was a symptom. It showed my life as unmanageable. 

Step Two, showed a way out as I came to believe that a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity. It’s a process. 

Step Three, “made a decision to turn Our will and lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.” I personally always add, also as I don’t understand Him. It’s a personal thing in my journey. 

Just as a side note: there is a saying in 12 Step Meetings that meeting makers make it. That is only half true. I hid out in meetings for years not doing the footwork.

I have to really accept a program of action today, and be willing to do whatever is necessary to continue.  

Otherwise, I am dead. 

Step Three begins with acceptance and willingness. I have to accept God and realize I am not Him. It actually began in step two. Step three, just shows a decision being made by following through.  

I have to really be on guard though, as my self-will can slam that door shut and has many times. But willingness once again can reopen the door. 

My self- sufficiency and self-reliance don’t fill the bill. Furst of all self-sufficiency is almost nonexistent for me and self-reliance just means I am trying to act alone as God. 

It doesn’t work because all of that hatred, bitterness, and anger come flooding back in. I don’t even have to drink for this to be true. However, the warning is it will all lead me back to a drink, unless I quit playing God. 

I am my own worst enemy and I get in the way of my own recovery a lot. I am not willing to stay stuck today or pay the price for playing God.

It must mean I am willing to finally, turn my will and my life over to the care of God as we understood Him.  This the only solution that seems palatable to me. 

  • I am grateful for the willingness and acceptance. 
  • I am grateful to not have to do this thing alone. 
  • I am grateful for moments of peace. 
  • I am grateful for gatherings and meetings. 
  • I am grateful I can be of service. 
  • I am grateful for finding strength. 
  • I am grateful for others who care. 
  • I am grateful for the trust of others and that I am learning to trust more than myself. 
  • I am grateful I don’t have to be hospitalized today. 
  • I am grateful for rides from others. 
  • I am grateful I can care for others be there today. 

Thanks for reading! 

This has been another blog post entry by Boxcar Mike Over and Out! 

God Bless Y’all Everybody!  

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