Staying in My Hula Hoop Keeping it Simple

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Good Morning Everybody! 

I am taking time before I move on to the second part of Step Two to talk about keeping it simple. 

Half of our time can be dedicated to stomping out fires or adding fuel to a fire, if we are not careful. I have had enough practice at this to know.  

Man, sometimes that gossip is too juicy to lay down and not repeat. But I am telling you, when I have participated it has only caused me misery. It’s not worth my peace of mind or sanity to participate. 

Several years ago, I was at a gathering in North County of St Louis. I sat around a table with these big truck driving-biker guys. While Iam big myself I felt small compared to them. 

One of them mentioned how someone shared with him all he was responsible for was inside his hula hoop. Oh yes, you can imagine the comments and stares.(doing the hila hoop is a lot harder than you might think.) 

The point being whatever is inside that hula hoop was all he had to worry about. Everything outside the hula hoop was not of his concern. 

Today it works the same for me as it did the man who shared this. I know whatever is inside my hula hoop I am responsible for. Whatever is outside my hula hoops is none of my concern.  

I have to recognize the boundaries I have today. As it is impractical to walk around every day with a physical hula hoop. 

People will try to drag you into arguments and debates that are none of your concern. It’s always a choice to participate or not.

Today, I do know what you think of me or my actions is none of my concern. The only thing that matters is I am keeping my side of the street clean. 

Keeping it simple is best for me today. The other stuff that makes life drag out and a drag just complicates and inflates my ego. I can’t afford that life today.  

It’s not worth it to make my life complicated and it will only block the son light of the spirit to continue on a prideful life. I want so much more for me and something that sustains me.

If I do all the suggestions and work for it, I deserve the simple life as opposed to all the chaos. 

Again, all of it is a choice. I know I will be happier, if I just stay in my hula hoop. What’s your choice going to be? Only you can decide.  It doesn’t have to be complicated today. 

  • I am grateful for a new morning. 
  • I am grateful for a hula hoop. 
  • I am grateful for simplicity. 
  • I am grateful for the big guts that showed me a different way one day. 
  • I am grateful to pass on what was shared with me. 
  • I am grateful I am still teachable in some areas of my life.  
  • I am grateful for help today. 
  • I am grateful calmness 
  • I am grateful I can be of service to others today. 
  • I am grateful for choices today. 

This is Boxcar Mike thanking you for reading! Over and  Out! 

God Bless Y’all Everybody! 

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