A Hand To Hold On The Journey

phil coffman

Photo By Phil Coffman @ Unsplash.com

Hi Everyone, Todays entry is all about passing on what’s been given to us.

When I talk about what’s been given to us, I mean recovery. I stumbled up on someone really struggling. I found myself saying a lot of what’s been said to me. I shared my experience, strength, and hope. I may not be the best example, but I have stayed clean and sober continuously. I know today, I can’t let anyone walk away thinking there is no hope.

I know what it’s like to have no hope. It’s a very dark and scary place to be. I really do like to be friendly even though I know I am not always the happy-go-lucky guy. Heck, I even smile at some people today! But I sure ain’t no Mary Poppins either! I ain’t gonna promise you no rainbows. None of us can do this thing alone.

Probably the one thing that I have loved is listening to Author Anne Lamott. She shared 12 Keys to live by, is that we are all just walking each other home. I don’t have to agree with anyone on everything to like them. Its all about willingness to move forward. We don’t have to stay stuck today.

Anyone that knows me, knows I am in recovery. I was talking with a friend Sunday. Part of moving forward is dealing with the uncomfortable stuff. Its all about facing fears and making amends to the best of our ability. I have plenty of wreckage of my own to still work on. That doesn’t mean I can’t help someone else along the way. None of us are going to get out of here alive. The best we can do is freely give what we have been given.

I know for me to stay stuck and struggling, means to die. I can’t afford to stay stuck today. I have to say I was almost shocked when I heard myself say, it does get better. It’s one moment at a time sometimes. It’s staying on the phone when you don’t want to. Its gathering around the tables when you could have been perfectly fine going back to bed. It’s doing what you can to live a spiritual life. When you realize, it’s not just about you.

The life I now live, is more than just about not picking up the first drink or drug. I do have ups and downs. When its good, its really good. When it’s bad, its really bad. The difference is I can ask for some direction today. I think there could be parts of me that will always be unmanageable. I think that’s by design, to keep me humble and realize I don’t have all the answers.

The simplicity for how it works is the honesty, open-mindedness, and the willingness. What I am a part of is a simple program for complicated people. I am good at complicating things. The truth is I don’t have to be that way today.

Thanks for reading!

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