The Courage To Change The Things I Can

loganstephens train

Photo by Logan Stephens

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to discuss how the serenity prayer is important for me today.

One of the things that’s most important to me as a writer and person is to always be honest with where I am. Sometimes that can be challenging but I usually feel better with honesty. It goes a lot better than trying to pretend I got everything under control.

Let me just say for the most part my relationship and lack of one at times with God has been complicated. It’s not always so cut and dry. If it makes you uncomfortable, oh well! I won’t pretend that crap is over. I trust and then I take it back. It’s always been a two-step dance almost. It makes for a complicated relationship.

(On a side note, I think that if we were all so trusting and faithful in God we wouldn’t even be here. However, as I said before in other places, I am not here to out anyone or to tell anyone else’s story besides my own).

I know I want different and I have used prayer and meditation because they are important for me. I am not as consistent as I need to be in order to achieve healthy living. I do believe both faith and healing are something we learn, rather than something we just possess.

When I go to write an article here it seems I get a refresher course in how well I am not doing. Some days I still get mad because I cannot afford to drink at some situation or person that has gotten under my skin. I am not a well person. I am just less sick than I used to be.

I have to be willing to change and some days that includes picking up the 700-pound phone to text or call someone or make it to an extra gathering around the tables when offered. Sometimes it means listening to others and their dilemmas. There are things I can do to change my mind-set it’s just when I get there, it is hard to get myself out of that pit.

This is where the crazy train comes back to ask if I want a free ride. Let me just say that ride, is anything but free.

Let’s look at The Serenity Prayer (Short-Version):

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. Amen

What I have found is I can’t change other people, places, or things. I can change me. Even if I am not willing, I can pray and ask for the willingness to change.

What are the things I can do to change me?

  • Do an inventory: of who or what, the cause, how it affects me.
  • Talk to others phone text listen to someone else and their problems also
  • Pray for others even or how to be of service
  • Meditate
  • Forgive others and yourself
  • Start day over ask God for the ability to get out of the resentment and self -pity
  • Go do something good for someone and try not to get caught doing it or found out that you did good
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Is there an amends I could be doing that I am avoiding, or have I confronted all my wrongs?
  • Don’t forget to laugh at myself because some of the situations I have gotten myself into, are so unbelievable. Having that other friend who makes sarcastic remarks reminds me of how silly some of the stuff is that I take so seriously.
  • Don’t be an ass

Everything I have listed here is really having the courage to change. I don’t always do these and sometimes it takes me a while to be willing to even ask for the willingness to be willing. That’s the real truth. It’s a day at a time for real and sometimes moment by moment.

Thanks for reading!







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