Stop The Crazy Train in My Head

crazy train

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Good Morning Everyone,

Today’s topic is on the crazy train. The crazy train is in my mind. Today with the support of those around me, I know I have a choice to not get on the crazy train.  I find I am no different than most and I am resistant to change. I do have a desire to want change and I can even see the map before me. But in order to change, action must take place.

For me it became even the tiniest thing to do different. The action in difference was to call someone when I am not thinking clearly. I could hear myself repeat to them my thoughts and them ask me for specific information and say it back to me. The step is communication. I do not have to keep repeating the same things and getting what I have always gotten.

What exactly is the crazy train? The crazy train for me is getting information and allowing it to consume me to the point of running through several scenarios of that information and choosing one to be the truth. The fact is all I have done is magnified the negativity of such that the truth is distorted. In other words, I have created a lie and believe it.

I put the change to this in effect over the weekend. I was emotional and realized, maybe I needed someone else to hear what my mind was saying so I wouldn’t be so crazy.

Even crazier, is people have been telling me over the years I have done this, and I refused to believe them. The thought to change my pattern happened, when I caught myself doing it.

The symptoms start with the emotional roller coater we take on. We start having conversations in our head with people who have no clue we are even talking to them. We take our distorted pictures and thoughts for truth. We make decisions based on the lies we believe. We are doing ourselves and others a great disservice when we act in this way. It does nothing to help the situation at hand, when we carry on in negativity.

Looking back on the conversation that took place, I was not put down or made to feel stupid. In fact, I already felt that way from what I was doing to myself before the phone call. The person heard me and spoke gentle.

They also admitted they didn’t know for sure on certain facts and didn’t have all the answers. That’s okay even if the person doesn’t have the answers. At least I could slow down and hear the truth. They were able to help me as far as they had the ability too and as far as I was willing to listen.

As much as negativity can have a domino effect, I believe positivity does as well. It is trusting the process and being willing to put ourselves out there. Each step into change makes room for more changes. It’s definitely not easy, but it is simple if I just listen to myself, God, and others.

This is BoxcarMike, let’s take good care of ourselves and help others. We Might just be a blessing to someone else.

Thanks for reading!

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